Critical Care

We at GWS believe in keeping our clients happy and healthy above anything else. We have designed care packages that aim to meet the requirements of our clients for their specific medical conditions


Critical Care

Our Long Term Critical Care Package is a three-tier service, which takes into account the existing condition of the client. Over a period of time, the client can be moved up or down the service level depending on the improvements and changes in the medical condition. For the initial stages, we have a certified medical caregiver and the staff changes as per the intensity of the medical care that is to be given to the client. We have highly trained registered nurses for clients who require high medical attention. Specialized doctor visits are also a part of our long term care package.

Critical Care

Stroke Recovery Care

Patients recovering from stroke require un-compromised quality of care that is there. The families of these critical patients are often in a dilemma on how to provide the best quality of care, as it is a very challenging and stressful episode for the entire family.

Our stroke recovery program is focused on providing continuous and high attention to the clients in their day-to-day activities. The goal is to help them become independent and also help in improving their mental functioning while giving thorough emotional support for the clients as well as their families. 24×7 observation and care are provided for this very purpose to our clients.

The package includes the following:-

Tracheostomy Care

A client who has just gone through a tracheostomy requires 24×7 care and support. Getting discharged from the hospital after a tracheostomy can be a highly perplexing situation, for which we provide the best care by our highly trained registered nurses.


The registered nurses help clients with the management of the airway by clearing and handling secretions by suctioning. The nurses are trained specifically for tracheostomy as a part of their continuous training process. Our nurses are supervised by the Client Care Coordinators and provide the level of care which will help in reducing complications and recovering faster.

Neuromuscular Disorder Care

Our team of healthcare professionals provides comprehensive care solutions to clients who suffer from neuromuscular disorders and have impaired motor skills and intellect. The comprehensive solution includes 24×7 on-site support irrespective of the extent of the disease.
We also have different kinds of care packages that look after the requirements of the clients. For clients who need personal care, we have full-time medical caretakers and for those who have complex clinical needs like catheter care, feeding through tubes, injections, etc. we have registered nurses.