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Home Rehab services

We at GWS provide rehab services at home by helping the clients recover from their illness or injury by providing a well-structured program through several professionals at the comfort of their own homes. 


Home Rehab Services

Our Long Term Care Package is a three-tier service, which takes into account the existing condition of the client. Over a period of time, the client can be moved up or down the service level depending on the improvements and changes in the medical condition. For the initial stages, we have a certified medical caregiver and the staff changes as per the intensity of the medical care that is to be given to the client. We have highly trained registered nurses for clients who require high medical attention. Specialized doctor visits are also a part of our long term care package.

Home Rehab Services


Our Physiotherapy at Home Service helps the client to maintain, improve and restore the physical function that may be lost due to various reasons like a fracture due to a fall, pre-planned surgery, etc. They work on relieving the pain, range of motion, strength, posture, balance, endurance, motor control, sensation, and gait (proper walking patterns).

Services include:-

Skilled Nursing

Registered Nurse evaluates and develops a plan of care under the directions of the client’s physician

The main goal for nursing is to help clients get back to their previous level of functioning.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists measure self-care level, energy conservation, visual and spatial problems. OT teaches all ADLs like bathing, dressing, cooking safely and efficiently by conserving the energy level.

Speech therapists

Speeches therapists help improve the ability to communicate. They help in choosing the right word and sound for speech, assists/trains swallowing problem and also work with memory loss (cognitive learning).

Medical caretaker (Home health aid)

Medical caretaker assists in ADLs such as bathing, skin and nail care, range of motion exercises and assists with transfers, walking and moving.

Medical social worker

Medical Social worker assists clients with the problem arising through illness or everyday activities. They perform psychosocial assessments, counseling, and education.


Dietitian does a detailed dietary assessment and plans a diet chart specifically for the client’s health needs.