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About Us

WhoWe are?

Born with one of the vision to “be a leading facilitator of quality healthcare for professionals”, GWS is a firm dealing in Corporate healthcare consultancy initiated by a team of Healthcare & Corporate professionals.

We strongly believe that a healthy mind and body leads to a healthy society which in turn leads to a healthy nation.

Our leadership and team members have experience in improving operations across industries (Healthcare, Corporate Training, Real Estate, IT, Telecom & Social work) and regularly draw upon these to develop breakthrough solutions.


Critical Need for Effective School Health Programs in India

There is a critical need for Effective School Health Programs in India; 180 million young people attend nearly 1500000 schools for about 6 hours of classroom time each day for up to 13 of the most formative years of their lives. More than 95% of young people aged 5-17 years are enrolled in school because schools are the only institutions that can reach nearly all youth, they are in a unique position to improve both the education and health status of young people throughout the nation. Advances in medication and early detection have largely reduced the illness, disability and death that common infectious diseases once caused among children. Certain behaviours that are often established during youth contribute markedly to today’s major causes of death, such as heart disease, cancer and injuries.

Our Concepts

Right harmony between body, mind, and soul can be done through different ways:-

Corporate wellness


Ensuring that your body performs at its peak capacity with minimum chances of a breakdown. This could be done through Yoga, Panchakarma (Ayurveda ) or right kind of diets through Naturopathy.

Corporate medical


Ensuring speedy recovery of the body in case of existence of any disease (Specialised allopathic treatments), treatments through Homoeopathy & Ayurveda for minimizing the side effects of medicines if any.

Corporate homeopathy


Ayurveda, Colour, Magnet, Acupressure.

Our School Health Plans

Annual Health Program for Schools, Colleges & Institutions


Our Modus Operandi

Onsite school wellness desk:

Student Medical Assessment:

Wellness & Safety session:

Safety & Insurance:


OurAllied Services

GWS hospitals solutions

Male/Female Attendants for patient

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GWS hospitals solutions

Old Age Care

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Baby Care

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On Call injectable & Dressing visits

GWS hospitals solutions

Nurse: 12 to 24 hours

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Doctor on call

Corporate Segment

Medical Equipment